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"Walked into church on a Sunday morning ready to worship God and during the service, the pastor somehow left his message (which initially made no sense) to talk about my ring. It drew the attention of the triggered pastor and it's good enough to give it a 5-star rating."
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Diana Burnwood
"Thought ring might be uncomfortable, but was not in the least. Thumb on skull hand sits flush, picture looks deceiving...don’t worry, it’s a thick, solid piece. Nice shine, doesn’t green the finger due to stainless steel. Not bulky, would look good on a guy or girl."
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Jessica Foxx​
"Bought this ring for my boyfriend and he loves it! He wears it every day and it doesn't turn his finger green. It's a solid ring and he gets compliments on it constantly. Definitely recommend."
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Lily Granger​
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