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“Really gorgeous!! Well made and It looks very real. Since I have scrawny wrists I will have to take links out, but since it is made in classic watch style, taking the pins out and reconnecting is no big deal for me. I love this watch... it is the perfect formal dress watch!.”
neve perfume shop 18
Carie Bowman
Toronto, CA

Essential Collection

Comes with a Fashion Jewelry Bag, This unique piece of jewelry is a perfect gift on the Occasion of Birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Party, Engagement, Holiday, Or any Celebrations.


Stainless Steel Retro Vintage 1776 Stye Biker Ring
Biker Punk Rocker Skeleton Hand Cartilage Reto Cuffs.

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As a pioneer of the direct to consumer model we cut out distributors, wholesalers and retail stores. Our watches are not only half the cost of those of similar quality, but they're twice the quality of those at similar prices..

Our products cannot be defined by cost, specs or expensive marketing campaigns. You have to see one in your hand to fully understand its value.

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